Client Relationships

Steelbridge Capital has created a nimble and client centric approach for forging successful investment relationships. After stringent due diligence, Steelbridge Capital creates best practices by tailoring the needs of each client. Three basic tenets at the core of our relationships with clients include:

Alignment of Interests

Unlike bonds, there are fewer agency issues for investors in real estate provided advisors are correctly compensated. Accordingly, Steelbridge Capital advocates compensation structures that stress back-end performance fees.

Steelbridge Capital advocates the use of third party development, leasing and management organizations to leverage and cross-check the expertise we bring to the table.

Upfront Agreement on Objectives

Given the highly cyclical nature of real estate, we stress a rigorous, research-driven investment program based on mutual understanding of where in the cycle the client is entering and hoping to exit.

This framework sets expectations and informs the investor about risks and rewards inherent to the point of the cycle they are entering, and holds parties to a disciplined exit strategy.

Management Discretion

Given real estate's illiquidity and inefficiency, we believe in an active management approach that uses an entrepreneurial approach to investing.

Such an approach is predicated on relatively large amounts of manager discretion given the need for quick execution.

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